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Build a better America through inclusion and honesty.

Edward W. Jeśman


President’s Message

We are here to promote and advance the political and economic interests of Polish Americans.

We pay close attention to the bills, resolutions, and policies originating on Capitol Hill and strive to be a valued and assertive voice in Washington, D.C.

We provide needed guidance and unifying leadership while advancing ideas of peace and prosperity. We hope to inspire a new generation of Polish American leaders.

Join us! Together we can improve the political and economic standing of all Polish Americans and build a better America and a better Poland. The future is in our hands!

Edward W Jeśman, President PASI
Polish American Strategic Initiative, Inc.
844-650-PASI (Toll-free)
310-291-2681 (Cell)
[email protected]

Current Concerns


Legally flawed and morally offensive Act based on a double standard.

ACT S.447 (JUST ACT OF 2017),

“Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017”
Introduced by Sen. Tammy Baldwin of WI on February 27, 2017

Signed into law by President Donald Trump on May 9, 2018

The law requires the US Department of State to assess the national laws and policies of countries participating in the 2009 Terezin Holocaust Era Assets Conference, concerning the identification and return of, or restitution of assets allegedly wrongfully seized from Jews during World War II, including the so-called “HEIRLESS PROPERTY”. PASI considers Act S.447 to be legally flawed, discriminatory, unjust, and its language deceiving.

There is no such thing as “heirless property.” In all countries, the United States included, heirless properties escheat to the state. The private Jewish American organizations make legally unfounded demands for billions of dollars without any evidence of title. The so-called “heirless properties” are legal property of the Polish state, the only legal successor of all Polish citizens regardless of their ethnic or religious background. The transfer of such property would only amount to a massive property giveaway.

Law 115-171 is morally offensive because it is based on an apparent double standard, which advocates an extralegal solution, which would not be acceptable in the United States. Furthermore, there are no uncompensated Jewish Holocaust survivors. Jewish organizations, state of Israel and individual Jews received untold billions of dollars from Germany for all human and property losses suffered by European Jews during World War II. The “JUST” law distorts the history of World War II and eliminates Millions of ethnic Polish victims from the definition of Genocide.

Poland must not be held responsible for the Genocide and property expropriations conducted by her German and Soviet occupiers, and for the political, social, and economic ramifications of the Yalta Agreement imposed on Poland by the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union in 1944.

Act restricts the teaching of the WW2 exclusively to the extermination of Jews

Act H.R.943

(Never Again Education Act)
Introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney of NY. on January 31, 2019
Signed into law by President Donald Trump on May 29, 2020

The Never Again Education Act introduced in the US Senate as S.2085 by Senators Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and in the House of Representatives as HR 943 by Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is designed to increase the allegedly diminishing awareness of the Holocaust in the United States. The Never Again Education Act calls to establish a public-private funding mechanism at the US Department of Education to allow the introduction of various new Holocaust education programs, which would target teachers in all 50 states. The law expands US Holocaust Memorial Museum education programming and tasks it with developing and disseminating fitting resources.

PASI continues to oppose the Never Again Education Act, because it fails to acknowledge and include in the envisioned new programs the Genocide committed by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia against millions of Poles. This Act is now a law, yet it unacceptably restricts the meaning and teaching of the WW2 Genocide exclusively to the extermination of Jews.

Historically erroneous and politically careless Resolution with legal consequences.

Senate Resolution 566

(Introduced by Sen. Menendez of NJ. on May 7, 2020)

While PASI supports the idea of the resolution commemorating 22,000 victims of the Katyń Genocide, PASI strongly opposes specific fragments of the proposed resolution. As is, Senate Resolution 566 strips Polish citizens – most of them Prisoners-of-War murdered by Soviet Russia in 1940 – of their citizenship and falsely merges them with a vaguely defined mass of political crimes committed by the Communists worldwide.
The present version of the resolution resembles an attempt at Genocide Denial rather than an accurate characterization of the nature of the horrific mass murders confirmed by the 952 Report of the US Rep. Ray J. Madden Commission. The proposed text of the resolution is not only historically erroneous, but it also creates specific political and legal consequences, which prejudice and disaffirm the rights of thousands of Polish families to the legal inquests and proper compensation.
Despite the 80 years which have passed, the world is still waiting for the official Genocide recognition by the US government of the brutal mass murders and deportations of millions of Polish citizens. The United States Congress owes the world a clear and straightforward declaration. The US government’s suppression of the Katyń Genocide needs to end today!

link to PASI letter to Senators Menendez Durbin and Risch


Edward Wojciech Jeśman

President (California)

Wojciech Mazur

Vice President (Connecticut)

Jacek Bernard Marczyński

Vice President (Virginia)

Mariusz Bielski


Irena Guillon



Dr. Małgorzata Styś

New York

Artur J. Lesyk


Marek Belcarz


Daniel M Zamoyski

Great Britain

Susan Gorga

New York

Suzanne Mazurczyk

New Jersey

Jerzy Fiedziukiewicz


Dr. Margaret Niznikiewicz




President Welcome

Edward W. Jeśman
PASI President

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Edward Reid, Stop Act S. 447

Hollywood’s War with Poland, 1939-1945 (Speech / The International Historical Conference “Poland First to Fight,” )

MIECZYSLAW B. BISKUPSKI (USA) - Keynote speaker. A Professor of History Stanislaus A. Blejwas Endowed Chair in Polish and Polish American Studies, Coordinator of Polish Studies Program at the Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), United States



June 17, 2020

A letter of protest sent to Senators Menendez, Risch, and Durbin, opposing a misleading language of the proposed Senate Resolution 566. The letter recommends the elimination of the erroneous statements, which distort historical events as documented by the 1952 Rep. Ray J. Madden Report prepared for the U.S. Congress. The United States government owes the world a clear and unequivocal declaration that the mass murder of 22,000 Polish POWs committed by the Soviet NKVD in April and May 1940 was an act of Genocide. The letter was signed by Edward W. Jeśman (PASI), Janusz Sporek (Committee for the Conservation of the Katyń Monument & Historical Objects), Richard Boggiano​, Councilman (City of Jersey City), and Rev. Nathaniel Legay (Jersey City Branch of the National Association of the Colored People).

[PDF: PASI letter to Senators Menendez Durbin and Risch]

June 14, 2020

Representatives of PASI joined a celebration around the Katyń Genocide Monument at Sacred Heart Cemetery in New Britain, CT, to commemorate the Anniversary of the First Transport to Auschwitz.

June 14, 2020

PASI lays a wreath at the Wall of Executions in a German Concentration Camp in Auschwitz to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first transport of prisoners to Auschwitz. All 728 prisoners sent to the camp on that day were Polish. Auschwitz Concentration Camp functioned from 1940 to 1942 as a concentration camp mainly for Poles. Mass extermination of Jews at the camp happened from 1942 to 1944. The first transport of Jews arrived at the camp in March 1942.

April 29, 2020

PASI adopts Bylaws and installs the Board of Directors. Edward W. Jeśman is elected to serve as PASI President for a five-year term.

April 2020

PASI cancels its 2020 Congressional Outreach due to COVID19 restrictions. As soon as it is possible, PASI is planning to visit Capitol Hill and renew its lobbying activities in the U.S. Congress.

November 2019

The International Historical Conference “Poland First to Fight,” a 3-day event takes place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. PASI under the leadership of Edward W. Jeśman is one of the organizers.

[Click here to see the conference]

September 2019

PASI Congressional Capitol Hill Outreach – Participants visit over 400 congressional offices, including 100 offices of the U.S. Senate, to discuss ramifications of the Act S. 447 “JUST Act” as well as the H.R. 943 “Never Again Education Act.” PASI opposes the H.R. 943 (S.2085) because it restricts the meaning of the World War II-era Genocide only to the extermination of Jews. The Act fails to acknowledge the Genocide committed against millions of Poles. H.R. 943 encroaches onto the rights of the states by authorizing the creation of one-sided and partial curricular materials to be used in all 50 states. Federal intervention into curricular matters is against the Constitution.

August 21, 2019

The response of Polish American organizations to the letter of 88 U.S. Senators.

May 11, 2019

PASI organized a protest against Act S.447 in front of the White House

April 2019

Jacek Marczyński of Virginia is elected as interim President of PASI.

April 10, 2019

Polish American Strategic Initiative, Inc. (PASI) is registered in the State of Delaware as 501(c)4 not for profit political lobbying organization.

March 31, 2019

Protests were held in New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, New Britain, Denver, and San Diego against the Act S.447 (Public Law 115-171).

May 09, 2018

The U.S. President Donald Trump signs Act S.447 into law (Public Law 115-171).

April 24, 2018

Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan, sends the Act S.447, without prior approval of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, to the House for a vote. Act S.447 passes the House “Under Suspension of Rules,” without a roll call, based on the voice vote. The number and names of the congressmen participating in the passing of the Act have not been disclosed.

March 2018

Edward W. Jeśman organizes Polish American Outreach on Capitol Hill. Polish Americans from several states visit over 300 congressional offices voicing opposition to the Act S.447 (H.R.1226).

January 2018

Edward W. Jeśman visits Capitol Hill offices of 46 members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives explaining the potential consequences of Act S. 447 (H.R. 1226). The Foreign Affairs Committee has not proceeded with the Act!

December 2017

Edward W. Jeśman meets with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Chair of Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats of the U.S. House of Representatives to brief him on the meaning and ramifications of the Act S.447 (H.R.1226).

December 13, 2017

Edward W. Jeśman sends an email notification about the passing of Act S.447 by the U.S. Senate to his contacts in the USA, Europe, including Poland.

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Edward Wojciech Jeśman

Co-Founder and President of Polish American Strategic Initiative, Inc. Born and raised in Poland. Independent publisher, pro-democracy activist, member of anti-communist opposition in Poland (1976-1982). Political prisoner (1978 and 1981-1982). Political asylee in the United States (Nov. 1982). Real estate broker in California since 1985. Naturalized U.S. citizen since 1990. President of Polish National Congress of Southern California and National Director of the Polish American Congress national organization (2015-2020). Active Polish American lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Recipient of the Officer’s Cross of the Order Polonia Restituta (2009) and the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity (2019).

Wojciech Mazur
Vice President

An engineer and entrepreneur working in the USA. Pioneer in the USA to install solar assisted air conditioning systems and establish energy-saving technology approved by the Department of Public Utility in Connecticut. A social and political activist. In 1985 in Poland, when Solidarity Union was unable to lead underground resistance in Gdansk Region, Wojciech decided to take the lead. He was able to coordinate underground activities and cooperate with others from opposing ideological standpoints to stand up together against the communist regime. On May 1, 1985, together, they shook the foundations of the system. The President of Poland awarded Wojciech the Freedom and Solidarity Cross as a result of political involvement.

Jacek Bernard Marczyński
Vice President

Born in Poland in 1957, moved to United States in 1988. I.T. specialist educated in Poland and the United States, currently working for several companies as a programmer. Long time member of Polish American Congress in Washington Metropolitan Area Division. Co-Founder of Polish American Strategic Initiative, Inc. (former Interim President of PASI). Lobbying for Polish Affairs in the U.S. Congress for 20 years.
Mariusz Bielski

Mariusz Bielski

Mariusz grew up in Poland and relocated to the United States in 2000. He holds a Food Science degree from Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Mariusz is a senior laboratory technician at a food processing company. He is a lifelong advocate for Polish American affairs; he is involved in several civic and service organizations. Mariusz actively participated in defending the Katyń Monument in Jersey City. He is married with three children.
Irena Guillon

Irena Guillon

I have always been interested in and working with various Polish American organizations. When I became acquainted with PASI, I was impressed with the people, vision, and goals of building a significant and robust Polish American organization. I emigrated from Poland when I was 14 and moved to New York, and later to California. I am retired, and I enjoy cooking, gardening and traveling. My professional background is a software engineer and manager at IBM. My husband and I have two daughters and a wonderful grandson. Using my expert skills acquired at IBM, I want to work with my colleagues at PASI to build a strong Polish American organization. I hope that eventually, you will join us as well.

Małgorzata Styś
New York

Passionate entrepreneur and technologist, fascinated by Human Computer Interfaces and Linguistics. Małgorzata spent her formative years at IBM, starting her career at Watson Research. IBM was the place where she met some of the most brilliant minds and kindest hearts in the world, including many Polish Americans! Małgorzata had a distinct opportunity to live and learn in 6 countries before settling in the U.S. Although the U.S. is her home today, a big piece of her heart belongs to Poland. She also lived and left a piece of her heart in Nigeria, England, Botswana, Swaziland and Sweden. Favorite Book: Little Prince. Favorite saying: “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” John Paul II.

Artur J. Lesyk

Artur came to the United States in 1989 and settled in Branford, CT. He works as a Mechanical Engineer in the aerospace industry. Married, a happy father of two teenage kids and enjoying the middle-class, suburban lifestyle. Artur loves skiing, sailing and outdoor activities. Artur decided to Join PASI after learning about the passage of the S447, which made him feel that the United States, the country he owes so much, is doing a horrible and unjustified disservice in the name of racial identity to harm Poland, the land of his birth. Polish-Americans have been quite successful in forming cultural, religious and educational organizations in the United States; sadly, we lack any real political power that American politicians would have to respect and take into account in their calculations. It’s time to build a well-organized and professionally managed lobbying power in Washington, DC. He believes that PASI will become this organization!

Mark Belcarz

After having the opportunity to live a few years in Italy, I settled in the beautiful State of Connecticut. I live in the USA for over 30 years, happily married, proud father of one son. I Graduated in Computer science, and i am professionally fulfilled in the medical care field for 25 years. I love mountains, hiking, wild nature, biking, reading, politics and cooking, but I also like to travel around the world. I am trying to do something for the country in which I live as well as my homeland Poland. After all, the homeland is not only the country you live in but the country you need and needs you. Some say that patriotism is becoming an outdated idea. Despite this notion, it is an inspiration and a significant force that shapes the behaviors and attitudes of generations. Polish community and Poles living in America are unheard and neglected in the U.S. parliament. Unfortunately, those absent on Capitol Hill have no vote. The time has come for the Polish American community to play a significant role in creating the new political world. Join PASI today

Dan Zamoyski
Great Britain

Susan Gorga
New York

Suzanne Mazurczyk
New Jersey

Jerzy Fiedziukiewicz

I was born in Bialystok, Poland, in 1965, and moved to the United States in 1994. Since then, I live in Connecticut with my wife and two children. I work in the aircraft industry as a CNC machinist with technical education from Poland. I always thought that history is what it is – but if we do not remember and cherish it, someone will rewrite history for us! That is why I stopped being passive and began to participate and support various patriotic initiatives. The voice of Polish Americans needs be heard. Join us and Join PASI today!

Dr. Margaret Niznikiewicz